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Jan. 5: Featured Author, Society for Classical Studies, Hyatt Regency, New Orleans, LA

Jan. 14: Moderator, Tennessee Williams Literary Festival, Writer's Resolution Retreat

April 21-23: Featured Author, Delta Mouth Literary Festival, Baton Rouge, LA


Dec. 5: Cave Canem, Brooklyn, NY

Nov. 19: Featured Author, Jefferson Market Library, Manhattan, NY

Sep. 24: Green Mountain Literary Festival, Burlington, VT

Sep. 26: Featured Author, KGB Series, Manhattan, NY

June 11: Featured Author, SPLICE Poetry Series, New Orleans, LA



March 25: Moderator & Panelist, "I Am New Orleans" Poets Reflect on the City, Tennessee Williams Literary Festival

April 15: Featured Contributor, Green Mountains Review launch

May 12: Featured Prize-Winner, AWP Intro Journals Award Reading


Aug. 13: Workshop Leader, One Book One New Orleans, The Power of Jazz & Place in Tom Dent Poetry

Nov. 21: Moderator, Workshop Leader & Panelist, Words & Music Festival, New Orleans, LA (virtual)


Dec. 29: Featured Author, Rattlecast #73 (video series)



June 2: Malvern Books, Austin, TX

June 5: Barb Wire Series, El Paso, TX

June 6: Changing Hands Bookstore, Phoenix, AZ

June 12: Book Soup, Los Angeles, CA

June 27: Berlin Spoken Word, Du Beast, Berlin, Germany

July 15: Spoken Word Paris, Au Chat Noir, Paris

Nov. 22: Poets Respond to Gentrification, Words & Music Festival, New Orleans, LA


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